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At Dodd's, we're proud to offer you a tremendous selection of wine and spirits. We love sharing expert recommendations on the perfect pairing for your event, party or night at home. See what we are enjoying right now below...

2018 Matthews Blackboard

Joe: "Throw an eraser at this blackboard and it will come right back at you! Steak, Stew or by itself, this wine has dark fruit and is full bodied and it will deliver on all fronts. Better to have more than 1 bottle on hand or you’ll be sorry!"


2019 Reaburn Rosé

Joe: "Rosé All Day??? No, not you too Joe?! Making me even a fan. This is not your typical Rosé that you get very cold and drink like water. This has big flavor, slight strawberry undertones and finished dry. 60+ degrees, a nice piece of cod, and this wine sings “Summertime, when the weather is easy.”


Teremana Blanco

Joe: “If you smell……. What the Rock is cooking….!” Yes this is “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson’s tequila. Even with all his star-power this tequila still stands up to the hype. Great value and smooth to drink solo or add a jalapeño in it to infuse and make a Bloody Maria; either way you choose you can’t go wrong!" Grab a few for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!


2018 Domaine La Berangeraie Cahors

Bobby: "Allow me to dispel two great misnomers of the wine world.  One, I am rarely told that I look like Brad Pitt and two, the Malbec grape is not originally from Argentina.  Still to this day consumers express their love for South America's version of the Malbec grape. Domaine La Berangeraie Cahors does not have the overtly dry, tannic character.  It does reveal a greater sense of earthy notes, versus Argentina, balanced with its dark fruit character. The wine making is done by hand in the vineyard with no machinery.  Sorry...geek tangent." 


2020 Bodegas Y Vinedos Valderiz Valdehermoso Joven

Bobby: “EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TRY THIS WINE.  There, I said it.  It may not be your first love or the best wine you ever had or change a lifelong Met fan to a Yankee fan.  But it will show you the simplicity that wine could be when it is not adulterated with oak, test tube yeast strains, grape juice concentrates(for dark color and sweetness).  Beautiful dark black/blue color bursting with ultra fresh, spicy plum with bright acidity.  My mother had this wine at this little, old school Italian lady's house, and she said it was so delicious because it was so simple.  That's my point.  Simple and delicious.  Organic and Biodynamically grown.”


Herradura Ultra Tequila Anejo (Clear)

Bobby: “What would any staff's picks be without Bobby's TOD (Tequila of the Day). Today's Tequila is quietly known as a "Cristalino".  Cristalino's are aged tequilas that drink round, smooth and mellow like darkTequila, but are clear in color just like the silvers.  Removing the dark color is done through either filtration or re-distillation.  In anyway, the result is clean, clear without the "sting", there is no need to lick the salt, shoot the shot and suck the lime.  The Herradura Ultra has as lightly sweet feel along with hints of agave and a tinge of spice.  A very nice introduction into the world of clear anejo's.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!”


2016 Celeste Crianza

Mark: “Like watching Lionel Messi play fútbol for Barcelona in his prime, this wine is one of my favorites of all time. Just like him, this wine is rich, smooth and head over shoulders above the rest!”


2019 Domaine Des Cassagnoles

Mark: "A great French white for heading into those summer nights. Grab a baguette, Brie and some pears and you’ll be transported to one of the most iconic institutions, café Les Deux Magots on rue Saint-Germaine. This wine is crisp, refreshing and screams summer; Yes I’m trying to force the warm weather!"


Rowan’s Creek

Mark: “Who says warmer weather means we need to changeup our spirits??? I don’t believe this and neither should you, because I’ve been up the creek without a paddle many times before. Light that firepit, grab this bourbon and enjoy the warmer nights!”