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At Dodd's, we're proud to offer you a tremendous selection of wine and spirits. We love sharing expert recommendations on the perfect pairing for your event, party or night at home. See what we are enjoying right now below...

2018 Fauri Montepulciano

Joe: "According to my wife I used to cook a lot, but I beg to differ. So when cook that Sunday gravy, I like to get a nice crusty Italian loaf to sop up all the goodness and pair it with a great Italian red. Queue the Sopranos theme song!"


2020 Blanchard & Lurton

Joe: "Really?! A Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina with a French name?! Sounds more like a law firm to me. One thing I do know, there is nothing normal about this wine, as it is fermented in concrete eggs. Totally unique in taste and texture, but aren't we all...”


Rabbit Hole PX Sherry Bourbon

Joe: “I'm going into the last 2 holes only 8 over par, then 2 triple bogeys! I need to head to the club house and drown my sorrows, and I spot this bourbon. Next thing I knew, I'm heading down a rabbit hole myself- should have been home 2 hours ago!"


2019 La Cappuccina Soave

Bobby: "Most people think of Pinot Grigio when Italian white wines is said.  But there is an eternity
of Italian white varietals that will ignite your senses with aromas and flavors that our lackluster, one dimensional Pinot Grigio's just can't compete with.  Introducing.....dun ta daaa....La Cappucina Soave.   No, this is not your parents Bolla Soave that they broke out for linguini with white clam sauce.  So the next time you make this traditional dish invite mom and dad over and show them a soave with a history that dates back over 100 years but don't tell them you paid 13 bucks for it!!"


Marrietta Old Vine Red Lot #71

Bobby: “If you gave me a dollar for every time someone has asked me to recommend a California red blend, I would be writing this column from my yacht in the Monte Carlo.  Few, if any, of said red blends inspired me to believe that the “red blend” revolution was the real deal. Truth is many red blends are just a source for winemakers to make wine with juice or grapes that are being sold cheap on the bulk market.  Marrietta, on the other hand, has been producing their “Lot” blend since Lot #1.  So they were red blend cool before red blends crossed many peoples lips.”


Tequila Ocho Plata

Bobby: “Here's another Bobby's TOD (Tequila of the Day). In a time when Tequila has become the passion spirit of the young and old alike, few, if any Tequila's on the shelves embody the character of Tequila Ocho.  Being made of 100% blue agave is not enough for the people that make the Tequila Ocho called Tequilero's. Forget the shot glass and enjoy Tequila Ocho on the rocks with a twist."


2019 Stephen Vincent Cabernet Sauvignon

Mark: “This is a “true Napa Cab” for $20! This is what we call when you have "caviar taste on a tuna fish budget." This cabernet delivers on all fronts; giving you a rich, full-bodied wine with a smooth finish. This red is for all the cab lovers out there!"


2018 Pazo das Bruxas Albarino

Mark: "This wine pays homage to the folklore and nature of Galicia Spain; the land of mystic and magical beings. Kind of like the crew at Dodd’s, except we don't cast spells on you or ride to work on unicorns. Though that would be pretty cool!"


Deanston Virgin Oak

Mark: “Cooler nights are ahead and you need something smooth and slightly sweet to keep you company by the fire. Then grab a bottle of Deanston Virgin Oak for the perfect match. Or… you could just invite me over... Choose wisely!"